Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And Now From Far, Far Away.......

Reece and Morgan!
Reece and Morgan live part of the time here and part of the time far, far, away. If I thought I could spell it, I would. But for now, suffice it to say that they live overseas! lol!
Anyway, Reece will be starting his senior year in the fall and his mom wanted some traditional senior pictures. ( I guess they don't really have that where they are living now.) His sister came along to help, and we got a few of her, and a few of them together. Reece is planning (probably) to follow her to CSU in a year. (Yea! My Alma Mater! Go RAMS!)
Reece likes those non smiling ones, like I do, that show off those baby blues so well. However, rest assured, we also got a lot smiling and even a few laughing. This family was so fun and we definitely were laughing a lot! I can't wait to do their family photos later this summer!
On another note, I wanted to show what a difference a crop makes. The third photo shown here, and the forth one, are the exact some photo, just cropped differently. This is why is takes a while after the session to post the gallery of images. I don't just stick them up there. I go through and play with crops, techniques, and color on a lot of them. Making a good photo even better! That's the second funnest part of my job after the session of course! It was definitely a fun session with Reece, Morgan and their mom today!

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