Saturday, June 07, 2008

I Had The Pleasure....

I had the pleasure of photographing a little angel today. This is Lily. Even her name sounds angelic. I think we captured many moods of Lily today. The top photo shows WONDER. Then we have her PENSIVE mood. Followed by CONTENT. Then pure JOY! The last, I just had to show the black and white, because I couldn't decide which one I liked better. Even the little bow on her back in the last one, looks like the little wings of an angel.
Lily brought her mom and her nana today. They were all so nice. And, I think us three women probably looked pretty silly trying to get Lily to smile, but it worked a few times. We finally got some big smiles when Nana brought out the grahm crackers. Yep, those crackers were cropped out of that super smiley one. But hey, whatever works!
It was fun to revisit the beginnings of childhood today with this sweet little girl. I could just eat her up! Thanks Erica for bringing her by, and thanks Kristin for the referral!

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