Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You Gotta Hand it to These Guys...

I hear stories how they don't want their photos taken. How they just want one, and then to be done with it. However, when I get with them you would never know it. They are the nicest, most polite guys, and do whatever I say. Take tons of photos. Even in hot sweaters when it's 90 degrees out. Never a complaint. Never a whine. Not even a "look". They do it for their moms because they know their moms want these photos for when they are gone. And you know what? Their moms did a great job raising them, for them to put up with me and my "do this", "do that", "just one more", "whoops, I lied, this is really the last one".....all with a smile on their face (when I tell them to) and the greatest conversation the whole time.
This is Nick. Nick's sister was one of my first seniors. I love that girl! And Nick is just as great! Although I'm sure they wouldn't admit it, a lot of who they are they owe to their parents. I run into Nick's mom Jana at lots of things at the kids school. Working hard to have great kids. Putting in the time and effort it takes. And it shows. I love, love, love these kids! And Cooper (shown below) was just as awesome.
It was fun to catch up Jana, with what you, Nick, and Megan, have been doing! Good luck with that new boxer! I remember all to well how new puppies are!

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