Monday, July 19, 2010

We went a little crazy….

Melissa-V.-4 Melissa-V.-1 Melissa-V.-2 Melissa-V.-3 Brenda and I went a little crazy over Melissa’s cute pink top. She just bought it yesterday for her senior shoot and we loved it! The color was perfect! And, I love the little sweater that she topped it with. She just looked great for her senior shoot! The sun was playing a bit a peek a boo with us this morning, and we got some great lighting and images. Melissa is a senior model for the studio,  and she was model perfect, following all the rules on the tips sheet I sent out before her shoot. So, she gets her little bonus for reading to the end, and following the rules! Yay Melissa! You look great!


Paula said...

Gorgeous use of light! Your senior work is just wonderful, I can see what you are so busy!

The Curvy Life said...

I DO love love the light in these... she is a beautiful young lady- great combination!