Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Family Photo Shoot

Levine-Family-1Levine-Family-2Levine-Family-3Levine-Family4Levine-Family-5Levine-Family-6Gary is a whiz with a computer. I’m not so bad with a camera. So, when my computer totally crashed last spring (at the height of graduation announcement time) Gary came to my rescue. He  not only saved everything but made it better than before!  So, when Karen and Gary wanted family photos I came to their rescue….ok, so saving a computer is a little more “rescue-ish” than family portraits, but still….here is the result.  Got some real great REAL sun flare on the last one, so tried playing a bit. Still not sure if I’m much of a a sun flare girl (that’s so popular right now),  but it’s fun to try something new. Hope you love them Gary, Karen and Dalton!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, Love the pictures and you. Thank you for all the beautiful Christmas cards and, family photos. You are "Simlpe the Best", Love, The Levine Family.