Friday, December 02, 2011

First Comes Love, then comes Marriage…..

Leone-1Leone-2Leone-3Leone-4Leone-7Leone-9First there wasLeone-8

First there was Gian Carlo and Christina’s engagement session when my business was first starting out. Then, their wedding (yes, I actually shot a wedding!). Then, their first baby’s 3, 9 and 12 month photos. Now, baby number two makes four! And the newest addition is as much a Gerber baby as the first. But, with such beautiful parents I didn’t expect less! Where as their first daughter favors Christina, their second favors Gian Carlo.  It’s probably a little too early to ask Christina and CG if there will be a third beautiful baby to photograph. We will let them get through the sleepless nights and the terrible two’s first. But I do love having my three…just sayin’

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