Saturday, April 28, 2018

Camryn| Ponderosa High School | Class of 2017

Time to meet our Flower Child Camryn.  This girl blew me away with her beauty. She looks like an actress with those beautiful blonde locks and baby blues.... but don't let that soft pretty femininity fool you...this girl can pack a punch! She loves to weight lift! You can usually find her at her favorite hang out... the gym! Tonight though, I hope she is all dressed up and attending her senior prom! So LOVED taking your senior photos Camryn!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Alex | Lutheran High School | Class of 2018

It's Alex's turn to be acknowledged! I have photographed Alex's sister before as a dancer with CSD but this was the first time I had the privilege to meet Alex. And, Oh. my. goodness. What fun we had! His sister came along for the smiles and a few of them together. They had me in stitches as they halfheartedly "fought" about who was better looking and would photograph better. I'd say it was a draw as they are both FABULOUS looking!

Alex is as talented as his sister too juggling academics, football and performing in the school musical this year! He will be attending the University of Northern Colorado in the fall, as sister Sydney waits for a few more years before her senior year.

 I do have to give a shout out to Sydney on the headshot above.....she won Photogenic with this image at all the dance competitions it was entered in this year! We are both proud! As is her mom. Lori has lots to be proud of with both these great kids.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Ali | St. Mary's Academy | Class of 2018

Oh,  Dear's been so long.  Neglected, but not forgotten! Especially since the class of 2018 is about to graduate! So get ready for many, many blog posts. Starting with Ali. Ali called early in the season about senior photos and decided to be a Class of 2018 Senior Model. So glad she did! Her clothes choices and her senior photos were Ahhhhhhmazing! Don't you think? Just like Ali!

We will be doing our very best to showcase one senior a day until watch for your photos!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Jonah | Legend High School | Class of 2017

Oh Jonah! I have watched this guy grow up! And what an amazing young man he has turned out to be. Smart, kind and really good looking! He received a wonderful scholarship to his chosen college, Baylor University, where he will study business. Check on intelligence. After his graduation party, he and his buddies donated and SERVED the extra food at a homeless shelter. Plus, he was so polite at his senior session. Check on the kindness. And, these photos speak for themselves on the good looking! He is model material! Double check on handsome. My bestie Lisa is a business owner, wife, friend, and fabulous mom! Can't wait to see what you achieve in your future Jonah!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Katie | Legend High School | Class of 2017

Congratulations to Katie, from Legend High School! We love these versatile images of Katie, and think they show off her personality so well! Katie plays lacrosse on the co-op team with Chaparral, and has aspirations to be an engineer to invent something that is useful to the average joe! Her favorite band is Twenty One Pilots (this is becoming a trend!) and her favorite color is blue. She loves to snack on grapes or watermelon, drink lemonade, and shop at H&M (Katie, can we find these awesome styles at H&M?...) And, she is most looking forward to her freedom post-high school graduation!

Thank you for choosing Michelle Kroll Photography! Good luck in your future endeavors!